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Prana Ventures

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Prana is as new energy to your company

Our company invests in start-up business. The particular aim of our digital specialists is building innovative companies up by new technologies. We choose and collaborate with ambitious businessmen who take on great challenges that most of people think impossible to solve.

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We steer the companies toward their own goals by constant calculation methods in finance area and for essentially business KPI.


Creativity and motivation are decisive ways to success. Each and every Director of companies in Equity deeply feels the commitment of reaching goals.


Informative paths are decided for each team: about Business Online, persons, communication and leadership.

Our talents

We mainly consider the personal natural inclinations that are within us as a special gift and that distinguish us from the rest around: the talent of seeing somethging that the others can’t see, the resolution to reach own goals.

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Our plus

The company accelerator that selects, finances and develops the new business


The clarification to make ideas, projects and companies quicker and more efficient


A long time background supporting businessmen, consultants and venture capitalists


The idea quickly turning into project, firm and business


The development of company making human and economic capitals grow faster