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Investments area

Investments area

The high technical innovation areas are the ones where Prana Ventures decided to mainly invest in: the areas looking at the international market as it is expanding and trying its way to make the world around a better place.


The less it costs the better quality life gets. Every idea able to reduce costs and make the access possible for everyone is revolutionary itself. Anyone thinking about new sources to take energy from is innovative as well: solar power, biofuel, wind, geothermic or electromagnetic energy.


Working by now with children is essential to really create cutting-edge social mores. This allows to lead the adults of future toward new technologies, applications, coding schools, fablab and many other innovative approaches, in order to create knowledge and culture.

Artificial Intelligence

It is as revolutionary as it is in the spotlight nowadays, although we didn’t live historic turning points yet. But it doesn’t really matter: practical applications, items that might enhance creativity, reasoning, industrialization activities are more interesting than any single machine or robot with kind of A.I.


There are very high costs in this sector, where a lot of start-up business are trying to reduce them. Those are institutions able to really reduce health insurance costs, or even create a prevention system within the medical system itself: those institutions have an important decrease potential actually.


We really need institutions that can train people and develop their talents in a pretty short time. This might help to make new generations grow up cleverer, more knowledgeable and more informed. Education start-up business ought to consider any possible solution about that, which is one of the most important subject for human life.


Many jobs will be replaced by robots and computers in the close future. That doesn’t necessarily mean an increase of the unemployed. It means instead that we’ll have to find new professionalisms, a new immediate way to match supply with demand. It means we have to finance and support new companies and help them to expand and get a new approach.


To make E-Commerce work at its best we need tools and methods to analyze data, make decisions, interact with own customer base, automate processes. That allows to really take advantage of e-commerce potentials.

A software for companies

Most of the software for companies might be less developed than the users’ ones and usually are focused on Enterprise solutions. Services in Cloud are able to bring innovation by simple and instant tools which can connect each other.

Get life better

Last but definitely not least, rather, the most important: get everything better, from own daily life or agenda management, to the opportunity to take the best advantage on resources for everybody’s greater wealth. Practical solutions in order to improve both working and free time.

Any start-up business to suggest?