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The heart of Prana Ventures is our platform made up of companies and managers with years of experience in the digital market. Each manager or company can be individually chosen to operationally support the companies which we choose to invest in. Working In tight collaboration with our portfolio, thanks to our platform, we will assist you in developing the technical infrastructure necessary, build skills and teams in areas relevant to succeeding, in addition to leading you toward the analysis and comprehension of all financial aspects tied to your business. During this process, constant communication and knowledge transfer are just as important to us as is adapting our approach to the individual needs of every company.

The objective of the Business Analytics platform, created by PranaVentures, is to provide the Start-up companies managament with the data necessary to immediately understand its business progress, from both financial and management control points of view, in addition to creating reports and resources truly useful for measuring financial performance.


Finance & Control

L’amministrazione, la gestione finanziaria e il controllo di gestione di un’azienda è centrale per garantirsi la sostenibilità nel lungo periodo.

Organization & Business Process

Una sana impostazione dei flussi di lavoro e dell’organizzazione interna è un aspetto chiave che spesso permette all’imprenditore di ottimizzare al meglio le performance


Gli esperti di PranaVentures sono in grado di innestare le proprie competenze per ottimizzare al meglio tutti gli aspetti riguardanti i reparti sales, marketing, management.

Finance & Control

Business Intelligence

Marketing & Communication



Tech Development

A data-guided approach

We give our entire business portfolio access to a platform of business analytics that immediately allows to understand the business progress, financially as well as regarding management control, and to create reports and tools truly necessary for measuring financial performance.


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